A NZ Zoo Welcomed A Bumper Capybara Litter & Look At Those Chonky Babies

Folks, springtime is the best. As someone who grew up in a town that was equal parts country and coast, spring means new flowers, warm air, and a shitload of animal babies. Everywhere. Foals, lambs, ducklings; everything is bursting with new life. And in New Zealand this year, it means a miraculously large litter of capybara pups to one (1) mama.

Hell yes, mates. Baby giant guinea pigs, and hoo-boy they’re chunky and adorable.

[jwplayer HxvooZPR]

Wellington Zoo in NZ’s north island has recently welcomed a bumper litter of capybara babies, and they’re all cute as SHIT. First-time mama Iapa gave birth to seven (!!!) pups late last week, which is impressive in itself because capybaras typically only have 3-4 bubs per litter. A clever girl but also good lord you’d be absolutely knackered after that.

Anyway without further ado, LOOK AT THE PROUD MUM AND HER MANY BABIES.

Oh my LORD there’s so many of them! It’s like someone’s gotten a clone stamp and just duplicated the one baby six more times. How. HOW. They’re so cute I want to put them all in my various pockets and protect them from this cruel world.

Zoo staff say that they’re keeping a close eye on the mum and her pups considering the size of the litter, and noted that she was pretty exhausted after birth (I mean as if you wouldn’t be) and staff are keeping the new family away from public view for a little while so the babies can grow good and strong.

Anyway, more photos of the babies? WHY NOT.

They’re so small and also look at their weird feet and that one’s perfect little face I just LOVE THEM. I reckon they’d be the kind of animals that would burrow into your neck and gently snarfle snores in your ear and their fur would be soft but also kinda scratchy and coarse like that one jumper in the back of your cupboard that you put on every now and again and immediate regret.

Also, look at this little champion just 100% basking in the sunshine with absolutely no care in the world.

AHHHHHHHH capybaras RULE, folks. They are all my children. My strong, stub-nosed babies.

The zoo is being super hands-off with the new babies so that they can bond with their mama just like they would in the wild, and they should make their first big public appearance real soon. So if you’re thinking about a stop-in at the Wellington Zoo to meet these little capybara angels, keep an eye on their Facebook and Instagram so you can head on over when Iapa is out and about with her very large litter.