NSW Woman Who Googled ‘How To Commit Murder’ Found Guilty Of, Get This, Murder

natasha darcy how to commit murder

Natasha Beth Darcy has been found guilty of murdering her partner, sheep farmer Matthew Dunbar, back in August of 2017. She is reported to have used a Nutribullet blend of sedatives in combination with a plastic bag and helium canister to stage his suicide.

The story of Darcy’s murder of her partner is one that becomes even wilder when you look at its history. Text messages and google searches from Darcy’s phone were read before the court, including one that was straight up “how to commit murder.”

Dunbar is reported to have been murdered for his $3.5 million 1200-acre estate, of which Darcy was the sole beneficiary.

Here’s everything the court heard about the months leading up to Dunbar’s murder:

In February of 2017, Darcy is reported to have googled poisonous snakes, spiders and deadly fungi.

In March, she is said to have googled epidurals, spinal taps and how many tablets are required for suicide.

In June, she googled “how to commit murder” from the sidelines of a Rugby game, as well as “lethal dose of oxycodone 200-pound male”, “acepromazine murder”, “99 undetectable poisons”, “how long after suicide is there a crime scene” and “can police see websites you visit on your mobile”.

In July, the court heard that she googled the use of gas as an effective way to end someone’s life, and placed in an order at a Tamworth Supagas for a canister of pure helium.

In August, she called the police and claimed to have found her partner with a plastic bag over his head, strapped up to a helium canister. He died at the scene.

A dirty Nutribullet was found in the sink, containing traces of the ram sedative acepromazine as well as temazepam, clonidine and seroquel. These were also found in Dunbar’s blood.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Crown Prosecutor Brett Hatfield also told the jury that eight years earlier, Darcy had set the house on fire after feeding her partner a concoction of pills. Three days before the house fire, Matthew Dunbar had also awoken to hammer injuries at his temple, caused by Darcy, which police confirmed at the time were caused by a break-in intruder.

I’ve never seen How To Get Away With Murder, but I’m pretty sure the first episode starts with “don’t google”.