Michaela Dunn’s Murderer Mert Ney Sentenced To 44 Years After A Life Sentence Was Ruled Out

Michaela Dunn‘s killer has been sentenced to 44 years over her fatal stabbing and the subsequent Sydney CBD rampage in 2019.

Mert Ney, 23, pleaded guilty to three charges, including the murder of Dunn, 24, in a Clarence Street apartment. He also plead guilty to the stabbing of Linda Bo, then 41.

Justice Peter Johnson found Ney’s mental health issues contributed to his offending, sentencing him to 44 years in prison with a non-parole period of 33 years.

Dunn’s mother wept in court after hearing that a life sentence would be ruled out, according to Nine News reporter Tiffany Genders. [Disclosure: PEDESTRIAN.TV is owned by Nine.]

“One of Michaela’s friends yelled out ‘monster’ as Mert Ney was lead away,” Genders said.

“The killer gave no reaction and appeared bored and uninterested during the sentencing.”


Ney went on a rampage in Sydney in August 2019, sending the CBD into a lockdown.

He was eventually subdued by a member of the public with a milk crate and arrested.

“He has accepted responsibility for what he has done … he is very sorry,” Ney’s lawyer Zemarai Khatiz told media outside court in 2020, after Ney entered three guilty pleas.

The earliest Ney could be free is 2054.