The NSW Singles Bubble Only Lets You Choose One Mate So Don’t Go Wasting It On A Dud Root

gladys berejiklian nsw lockdown singles bubble

Gladys Berejiklian has announced the news that we’ve all been waiting for: the NSW lockdown singles bubble is here, which is great news for the mental health of pretty much everyone living alone. Here’s exactly how it works.

During Wednesday’s NSW press conference, Berejiklian confirmed that NSW singles will be granted the opportunity, starting July 31, to elect one (1) person who can visit them over the next four weeks, but that this elected individual cannot change across the course of the lockdown.

“If you have been or are living by yourself, you are allowed to nominate one person that is allowed to visit you, but it has to be the same person,” Berejiklian said.

“You cannot have a different person every day. You have to nominate that one person that is your buddy or is part of your singles bubble for the next four weeks to make sure that we do not spread the virus.”

There go the Grindr and Tinder hookups, loves. Gonna have to pick the one person who you think does it best for you and stick with them. Or, you know, just pick a friend. Companionship is always better than a dud COVID root.

So how does it work?

If you live by yourself, you will now be able to elect someone in NSW to be your lockdown buddy, and be visited by them. You can only visit that person in return if they also live alone.

Basically, if someone has housemates, they cannot be visited. However, that person can come and visit you if you’re by yourself.

The process of choosing your best friend or favourite potential lover is an unofficial one, but once you’ve chosen, you cannot swap between people. It’s still important to remain safe and vigilant throughout the lockdown.

“A person who lives with no other adult can nominate a nominated visitor who is permitted to visit the single person at their residence and/or travel with the person for exercise/outdoor recreation,” said NSW Health in a statement.

“Both people would be exempt from the current car-pooling prohibition and they do not
have to wear a mask when doing so.”

If you live within one of the eight Local Government Areas of concern, your chosen ‘buddy’ has to live within a 5km radius of you.

These areas are Liverpool, Blacktown, Fairfield, Canterbury-Bankstown, Cumberland, Parramatta, Campbelltown and Georges River.

If you are outside of these LGAs, you must elect someone from outside of the LGAs also.

Once you have been chosen as someones lockdown bubble partner, you cannot be chosen again by someone else. Those are the rules, don’t be greedy out here.

The decision to bring in a singles bubbles came after a lengthy discussion during NSW’s crisis cabinet on Tuesday afternoon, according to The Australian. Multiple officials signed off on the bubble to help fight the mental health impacts of a long-term lockdown.

Before this announcement, folks in Sydney were only allowed to socialise with their household members, or an intimate partner. There has been a huge push in Sydney for a friend bubble for people who aren’t in relationships to still be allowed to have a support person, including a petition with over 11,000 signatures.

So go, give your (one) friend a big hug! Or more than a hug! Desperate times! I won’t judge!