Bloke In NSW Charged For The Apparent Crime Of Towing A Boat With A Scooter

Give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll be absolutely tonguing to drop a line no matter what vehicle is at his disposal. Case in point, this absolute hero, this king of kings, who used any means necessary in order to get his boat to water. Namely a mobility scooter.

Police in Newcastle have formally charged 35-year-old Shane Swancott with a raft of offences (you bet your ass that pun’s intended) over an October incident in which old mate attempted to haul his tinny to the shore using the mighty torque of a mobility scooter.

The incident occurred on October 19th, and was captured on camera by several nearby punters, all clearly marvelling not only at the scooter’s ability to drag an entire boat, but at old mate’s ingenuity in jerry-rigging a tow line at the appropriate height on his mighty hog.

[jwplayer GnQWEAap]

Police, being the enemies of fun that they are, quickly caught up to the unusual sight on the Pacific Highway near Belmont (remarkable he wasn’t able to outrun them), and an investigation was launched into the incident.

On Wednesday, old mate was charged with a number of offences relating to the incident, including driving while disqualified, using an unregistered vehicle on the road, using an uninsured vehicle on the road, and using an unregistered trailer on the road.

Whether or not he got to go fishing, and whether or not he caught anything, remains unconfirmed at this point.