Mobility Scooter Leads NZ Police On Arguably Slowest Chase In History Of Mankind

A *wild* chase between a Wellington police car and mobility scooter has been captured on video, rightfully sending the cyberworld into a frenzy.

In the Facebook video which has since been removed, Charlie Durham (AKA. absolute weapon of the streets) can be seen weaving amongst traffic, while the police car, at a snail’s pace, unsuccessfully tries to cut him off multiple times.

At one point, in a move that can only be described as big dick energy, Durham blindly bolts across traffic, forcing the police car to reverse in a bid to catch him.

The old man then continues to skrrrt around the police car, much to the amazement of onlookers.

“Go, old man, go,” the woman filming can be heard saying.

Durham has since been fined with failing to stop for the popo… and for being an absolute speed demon on the footpath.

According to Stuff, Durham mistook the police car for an ice cream truck. “It sounded like an ice cream truck and I didn’t want any ice cream.”

“I know there’s a speed limit on the footpath but I don’t understand why it’s not just in the city centre.”

A police spokesperson subsequently released a statement: “At all times, police are trying to reduce harm on the roads and that was the intention of the officer throughout.”

This is the daily dose of inspiration I needed. Check out the glorious chase below.