Novak Djokovic Has Posted A Notes App Statement On Insta ‘Explaining’ His Recent Fuckery

novak djokovic instagram statement

World tennis number one and noted anti-vaxxer Novak Djokovic has dropped a Notes app statement on Instagram regarding his infamous clash with the Australian Border Force, and whether or not he knowingly went to events with COVID-19 (spoilers, he did).

“I want to address the continuing misinformation about my activities and attendance at events in December in the lead up to my positive PCR COVID test result,” the vaxless racket-swinger wrote.

“I attended a basketball game in Belgrade on 14 December, after which it was reported that a number of people tested positive with COVID 19.”

Djokovic explains that after this basketball game, he turned around a negative RAT test and went in for a PCR test. Usually one would lay low before their PCR results, but not this Djoker.

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According to Djokovic himself, he attended a tennis event to “present awards to children” in Belgrade without knowing if he was COVID positive or not.

“I had not received the notification of a positive PCR test result until after that event,” he wrote.

He also confirms that he did an interview with L’Equipe knowing he was positive, but wearing a mask.

“This was an error of judgement and I accept that I should have rescheduled this commitment.”

No shit, Djerlock.

On the matter of the Australian Border Force not being too pleased with his paperwork and turning him away (only for the courts to rule that he could stay), Djokovic wrote that his travel declaration was submitted by his team and “the incorrect box” was ticked around previous travel before arriving in Australia.

“This was a human error and certainly not deliberate,” said Djokovic.

“While I felt it was important to address and clarify misinformation I will not be making any further comment out of utmost respect for the Australian Government and their authorities and the current process.”

Let’s just remember that a couple of days ago it was confirmed that he didn’t supply the appropriate evidence requirements for his vaccine exemption and his visa application, but hey, human error y’know. Everyone slips up. Ticking boxes is hard.

I’m off to take an ice bath, all this Novak fuckery has done my head in.