Netflix Has Officially Started Charging For Password Sharing In Aus So Get TF Off My Account Josh

I’m so sorry to be the bearer of bad news. From today, Netflix will be calling out users who have dished out their password to a family member, friend, or, of course, ex. So change your password and say goodbye to sharing your Netflix logins.

If you’re handing out your password like free condoms at a music festival, you can expect an email to pop into your inbox explaining the Netflix password-sharing changes any day now.

Why is Netflix doing this?

In short, Netflix was losing cashola.

Instead of your mate paying for an account of their own, Netflix is losing out on the monthly fee. So instead of copping the losses, they’ve been trialing all sorts of methods internationally to stop password sharing from happening, or at least, get paid a lil’ for the excess of users on one account.

How do the new Netflix password-sharing changes work?

Netflix will now use the IP address of your home to work out which devices are the main household, and which other devices are used by other deadbeat scabs in different locations.

To make it a bit easier for people who have spent years working on their algorithm, Netflix has instated a “Transfer profile” feature that enables you to transfer your existing account to a new membership. Or, you can opt to use the “Extra member” function which allows you to pay $7.99 extra a month to cover for the leeches using your account.

Considering my entire family, my partner, and a bunch of people I’ve met in various club bathrooms over the years, have access to my account, I think it’s time to change my password.

According to the streaming service, you will need to log in “at least once every 31 days” via your home Wi-Fi and watch something otherwise you’ll be locked out of your account. Yes, this means if you happen to not watch something on Netflix for 31 days it’ll just shut you the fuck out. Love that.

This change will attempt to eliminate you from giving your Netflix login to your ex, who absolutely does not watch things using your home’s Wi-Fi. Netflix will see this and tell ’em to get their own account or fuck off, essentially.

On the other hand, this change will give your ex some incentive to come over to your house, so maybe this change isn’t the worst thing ever.

Folks online were quick to unearth the Netflix Twitter account’s 2017 tweet which read “love is sharing a password” and mock it.

Oh how times have changed.

Soz, moochers. Your time is up!