Andrew Tate Has Refuted His Own Mates’ Claims That He Has Cancer In The Most Cringe Way Possible

Andrew Tate may have cancer

Andrew Tate has officially responded to multiple of his close associates’ claims that he’s been diagnosed with lung cancer.

The 36-year-old took to Twitter, the only mainstream social media platform which still lets him post, to break the news in the most cringe fashion imaginable.

“I do not have cancer. My lungs contain precisely 0 smoking damage,” the very strange man wrote.

“In fact, I have an 8L lung capacity and the vital signs of an Olympic athlete.

“There is nothing but a scar on my lung from an old battle.

“True warriors are scarred both inside and out.”


To catch you up, sources close to Andrew Tate this past week claimed that he had been diagnosed with lung cancer.

Tate is currently being held in a Romanian prison alongside his brother Tristan.

On Saturday morning, prominent Twitch streamer and close friend of Andrew Tate, Adin Ross, tweeted that Tate had developed the potentially life-threatening sickness.

He also used the tweet to re-assert his view that both brothers are not guilty of their alleged crimes.

Adin Ross was one of the five people selected by Tate to be permitted visitation inside the Romanian prison where he is being held.

A man who is believed to be Tate’s manager also posted to his Instagram Story stating that the former world’s most Google-searched man did indeed have lung cancer.

The man’s actual name is unknown but goes by his Instagram handle The Sartorial Shooter.

His bio on Instagram, which is private for some reason despite having 141,000 followers, claims he is a “professional problem solver in Dubai”.

“OK a lot of people are asking me if Tate lung cancer story is true,” he wrote in the Story.

“Yes it’s true, I was the one driving with him to and from the hospitals in Dubai.

“I don’t have any more specifics to share.”

Prior to today’s cringe-posting, one of Tate’s most recent posts was a long-winded thread on why you shouldn’t take mindset tips from “the happy man”.

Unsurprisingly, social media has since become awash with people reacting to the rumour of Tate’s cancer diagnosis with posts similar to the ones below.

Despite the rumour turning out to be untrue, it has been a disastrous few months for Andrew Tate.

On December 29, DIICOT (Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism) in Romania released a statement  confirming it raided the homes of several suspects linked to coercion, physical violence, sexual exploitation and rape.

It said it identified six victims in a trafficking case who were subjected to “acts of physical violence and mental coercion” and were sexually exploited by members of an alleged crime unit.

The Tate brothers were not named in the statement, but local publication Gândul confirmed it did indeed pertain to them.

They have since been held in Romanian prison awaiting trial.