Merry Christmas, We Fucken Made It

Jesus christ we did it. We actually did it. It’s December Twenty-Something and we are all here, together, mostly in one piece. Unbloodybelievable.

Despite everything, it’s still the festive season, but it’s certainly one unlike one we’ve ever experienced.

While some of you are heading off to be with your near and dear, a lot of you remain stuck cross-country – or even internationally – away from your families. Some of you have even lost family and friends this year due to the various nasties that 2020 saddled us with.

It’s been a really, really, really bloody awful one. But today, on this day, we sincerely hope you find the time and space to allow yourselves a little cheer, in whatever way or form that may take.

Maybe you bust out the good plates and have a special meal. Maybe you fill up the paddling pool and float the day away. Maybe you crank up some late 90s bangers and spend the arvo livin la vida loca.

Hell, maybe you just crack the cork out of a big fucken Prosecco bottle and smash mimosas all day like they owe you money because you deserve this.

Whatever it is you do, and whoever it is you do it with, we hope you have a happy, safe, holly, jolly, and very Merry Christmas.

Thanks for sticking with us through this truly piss-awful year.

Here’s to better days, bluer skies, and nicer things to come in 2021.

They’re probably coming in 2021.


Fuck me sideways please let them come.

Lots of love and cold, cold beers from your mates here at PEDESTRIAN.TV.

Look after yrselves, friends. Love youse all.