Christmas really brings out the creative best in people, and while that’s usually reserved for outdoor decor that looks like a light shop vomited all over their house, sometimes the creativity sparks in other ways. Great, alcohol-based ways.

Like making a gin train.

UK writer and self-confessed “model village and railway enthusiast”, Tim Dunn, has really done a number on our Christmas brains. He is maybe the Christmas Genius. In fact I’m calling it – he bloody well is.

He turned his train set into a gin delivery service. LOOK AT IT.

Someone give this man a MEDAL. Just shower him in awards. Also, send him to my house to set up a similar situation in my kitchen, thanks.

Tim is doing the Lord’s Work and encouraging the rest of us to create a similar model at our own fam Chrimbo’s.

Although people are very much aware that their personal, childhood collections of train shit aren’t on par with this delightful train nerd’s.

Side note – Drink Train also works with wine, if G & T’s aren’t your thing.

On that note though, do not put your pet budgie in a toy train. I feel Joey did not enjoy his train rides as much as Tim thinks he did…

Image: Twitter / @MrTimDunn