Behold The Drowned Rats Who Laughed In The Face Of Melbourne Cup Rain

Whatever your opinion on the Melbourne Cup – whether you think it’s a ritualised spectacle of a animal cruelty with no place in society in 2018, or you just love drinking bucketloads of piss and not giving a single shit about the world around you – there is one thing all right-minded people can hopefully enjoy as one: photos of over-dressed rich people having an absolutely terrible time in the rain.

Folks, it is a wet one down at Flemington today; but that has not stopped legions of day-trippers and people of leisure heading on down to the track to partake in the revelry in the face of a Biblical deluge of Melbourne Cup rain.

No doubt there will be the standard photos of drunken excess hitting the wire services later this arvo – at which point those present probably won’t care about the wet at all – but, for now, enjoy the drowned rats on parade: