A disgruntled Deakin University professor took to LinkedIn, the fave social media platform of baby boomers, earlier this week to call out his final year law students for not showing up to his first lecture of the trimester. 

The students, who were supposed to start a thrilling subject called “Estate Planning”, apparently didn’t bother to show up to their 8am lecture with Associate Professor Adrian Raftery because ceebs? Oh, and one was in Canada

He was bloody baffled by these young people not giving a fuck and took to the professional networking site to whinge: “I don’t know about you but my generation always showed up for lectures and seminars, particularly at the start of the semester.” 

Melb Professor Blames Netflix For Total No-Show On 1st Day Of Uni Semester 

Ooft, my typing fingers start tingling when I see “my generation” in any sentence. 

The comments to the post offer all sorts of swell suggestions for how to get in touch with the youth of today, mixed in with a little bit of millenial bashing for good measure, much of which Raftery has diligently replied to. 

They also ask the blatantly obvious, which is ‘What if there was a timetable fuck-up?‘, but Raftery doesn’t think so, because he didn’t get any emails about it. 


In his replies, he opined that he didn’t have a choice whether or not he’d release his slides/notes/recordings online: 

Melb Professor Blames Netflix For Total No-Show On 1st Day Of Uni Semester

Yep, there it is – it’s Netflix‘s fault. We’d all rather be binging ‘Glow‘ than learning about estate planning: sue me. 

He also reckons there’s a distinct correlation between non-attendance and failure rates, and people being in the later years of their degree and deciding to skip lectures. Which tbh is probably true, if the uni for some reason doesn’t make lectures/tutes/whatever at least semi-compulsory. 

According to his replies, one student did in fact show up – 50 minutes into the three-hour class – which begs the question: why was Raftery still there? And did he then give his lecture to one dude? 

Stay tuned for next week when we’ll hopefully find out if his students have been guilted into turning up by negative press coverage and sassy posts on their class page. Can’t wait.  

Source: Herald Sun

Photo: LinkedIn.