Sophie Mirabella Heckled Out Of Melbourne University Lecture

Like Swifties infiltrating Directioner forums to stir up trouble and post mean things about Harry Styles‘ troll doll-like face and hair, current and former conservative politicians don’t seem to go down very well on university campuses. Last week, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop was mobbed by students at the University of Sydney over funding cuts to education. Today, former Liberal MP Sophie Mirabella was chased out of a lecture at Melbourne University.

Mirabella was there to deliver a talk on politics and the media when a group of protesters entered the room and began chanting rhyming slogans, which is Protester 101, really. It is believed they were angry about changes to higher education in the recent budget, that could result in students paying higher fees. Amateur video shows Mirabella being escorted from the theatre. She later came back to finish her lecture, and was reportedly applauded by students on her return.
Sophie Mirabella was the one Liberal MP to lose her seat in last year’s federal election. In March of this year, she was made a Public Policy Fellow by Melbourne University, her old alma mater, and she was recently appointed to the board of the government-owned naval shipbuilding firm ASC Pty Ltd. What a fun, sexy time for her.
Image via YouTube