The Flaming Lips School Of Rock

Flaming Lips multi-instrumentalist and reformed Heroin addict Steven Drozd (if you haven’t seen The Fearless Freaks rent it immediately) is currently teaching a music masterclass at the University of Central Oklahoma’s Academy of Contemporary Music.

Available only to enrolled students, the class will involve an interview and Q&A with the Lips’ most talented member (sorry Wayne) and explore technical musicianship as well as the (potentially sobering) realities of being in a band. Though it’s a one off class, Drozd is firmly committed to this whole education thing as he actually founded the Academy of Contemporary Music in the first place with Flaming Lips manager Scott Booker.

This goes some way to explaining the masterclass provided last semester by The Who’s Roger Daltrey. We’re thinking Professor Steven Drozd has a PhD in Vibe majoring in Epic and Rad or something to that effect.

NPR via P4K