Marriage Alliance Salty At Banning Of ‘Rainbow Noose’ Ad It Calls A ‘Meme’

Anti-gay-marriage group and pathological dickheads Marriage Alliance have expressed (hilarious) outrage after the Ad Standards Board banned a social media campaign showing a woman sitting at a desk with a rainbow noose around her neck.
The ad (because apparently they think the picture is too subtle) has the text “Same sex marriage increases PC bullying in the workplace”, implying that society moving away from the persecution of LGBTIQ people is making things difficult for everyday bigots people.
The ASB ruled that the depiction of suicide in the advertisement was inappropriate, which seems like it would be common sense to absolutely everyone except maybe Marriage Alliance.
Marriage Alliance tried to have the decision overturned by having the ad protected as “political advertising”, which the ASB agreed with, saying all of it except the dumb, shitty, awful part with the noose could stay the same – the noose had to go though.
They tweeted about the decision today, making it clear they don’t really know what a meme is and also that they haven’t learnt a single thing:

It’s unlikely, but fingers crossed this is the setback that makes Marriage Alliance get into a boat and sail off forever.
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Source and photo: Mumbrella.