If you were thinking ‘geez, I haven’t had enough bad opinions about marriage equality put in front of my face recently’, you are in luck. Tonight begins the first rollout of television ads made by the ‘Coalition For Marriage‘, a sort of terrible anti-marriage equality supergroup, where ‘supergroup’ means that about 70 smaller terrible groups, including the Australian Christian Lobby, have joined forces to fight the terrible concepts of equal love, and happiness.

They are sort of like a more homophobic version of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, if you can imagine.

The group is made up of the very genius anti-equality activists that brought you such classic hits as having their ad banned for using the harmful imagery of a rainbow noose, and more recently, choosing a flag to represent them that is basically the bisexual pride flag. Very sharp minds over there at the coalition cubby house.

It’s basically the first big move from the ‘No’ campaign, with SSM campaigners concerned that the campaign is willing to spend a lot of money in order to try and link the issue of marriage equality to issues that have absolutely nothing to do with marriage equality. And if the first ad is anything to go by, that is exactly what they are going to do.

The ad, authorised by ‘Marriage Alliance‘ spokeswoman Sophie York, only runs for 30 seconds, but manages to squeeze in an impressive amount of total bullshit and unrelated garbage facts into the short time. Keeping in mind it is conceivably meant to be about marriage equality and the upcoming postal survey, it instead features three mothers who mostly do not talk about marriage, instead doing the anti-equality fear-mongering trick of tying SSM to things like Safe Schools, and trans kids.

School told my son he can wear a dress next year if he felt like it” says one mother, who seems to think that this is a nightmare. It is followed up with another woman who is very confused about..something. I’m not quite sure. She says: “When same-sex marriage passes as law overseas this type of program becomes widespread and compulsory.” Ah yes! The other well-known countries where marriage equality has passed that have also immediately made it law that boys must wear dresses.

One other mother is horrified that “kids in year seven are being asked to role play being in a same-sex relationship”. None of this has to do with marriage equality! And guess what, I am a lesbian and I had to get fake married in a fake wedding to a gross boy when was in primary school. Where was your concern and outrage then?

The very confusing and dumb ad wraps up with this message appearing on screen: “In countries with gay marriage, parents have lost their rights to choose. We have a choice, you can say no.

It is very unclear what sort of things parents are no longer allowed to choose in countries that have same-sex marriage, as that is not explained in the ad, and if I had to guess, would not be able to be explained by anyone, as it is a stupid argument made by people who will say anything to get what they want.

Speaking to Fairfax, Bill Shorten condemned the ad, saying it was “offensive and hurtful” to LGBTI Australians and their families, and put the blame for it squarely at the feet of one Malcolm Turnbull.

This is exactly what was predicted when Malcolm Turnbull decided to waste $122 million on a postal survey. He gave the green light to this rubbish. This is not freedom of speech. This is freedom to hurt. I just want to tell LGBTI families that they are not on their own. Most people know this is total rubbish.

The ad has received criticism from other corners, with the ‘Yes’ campaign responding by calling for people to take their anger, and direct it into winning the postal survey.

Unfortunately, we know that this is just the beginning in what will probably be a long line of worse claims and rhetoric from the ‘No’ side. So strap in, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

Source: SMH
Image: Youtube/Coalition For Marriage