Love Island star Margarita Smith has found herself in hot water after being caught photoshopping herself into a popular Instagram influencer’s photos.

Emma Spiliopoulos has racked up a whopping 300,000 followers for her outfit posts that are staged in her truly gorgeous all-white-everything bedroom. So obviously, she was shocked to see her iconic backdrop in Margarita’s photo.

“Did she break into my house to steal my ‘gram vibe?!” I imagine Em saying before realising this was a the handy work of an photoshop wiz.

Honestly, if she didn’t use the famous ‘gram background of a popular influencer, I probably wouldn’t have noticed. But jeez, at least pick someone who isn’t famous for their bedroom layout.

A quick scroll through Emma’s Instagram (@em.spiliopoulous) shows a series of near-identical photos. Although her outfit and pose changes, her iconic background remains the same. Branding, I love it.

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Little black dress from @houseofcb ????

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Emma took to Instagram on Tuesday to call out the Love Island star for blatantly stealing her vibe.

In an Instagram story of the image in question, Emma asked her followers: “Why is one of her selfies photoshopped into my room?”

margarita smith


The photo in question dates back to 2018, long before her Love Island debut.

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The post has amassed over 200 comments, mostly from fans calling her out for blatantly stealing the background of one of Emma’s photos.

For those of you unfamiliar with this season’s contestants, Margarita is an aged care worker/Instagram model from Victoria. She entered the house earlier this week and has already been called out for not looking “natural” enough.

The news comes after The Bachelorette’s Jackson Garlick was called out for photoshopping himself with Leo DiCaprio. Although Margarita’s photoshop fail wasn’t quite as over-the-top, it serves as a reminder to purge your social media regularly to make sure your reality dating show stint isn’t going to uncover any skeletons in your closet.