The Love Island Cast Are Claiming AFL Star Bailey Smith Randomly Blocked Them For No Reason

Love Island

In some absurd news I didn’t think I’d be reporting on today, AFL hottie player Bailey Smith has apparently blocked the cast of 2022’s Love Island.

I’m fascinated.

How on earth did this come about? What did the entire cast do to Mr Smith? And why did he decide that the right course of action was to stop all content and conversation on IG by blocking them?

Join me, my friends, as we attempt to find out the tea.

The strange nugget of goss became public knowledge when former Love Island 2022 contestant Maddy Gilbanks went on So Dramatic!‘s podcast this week.

“Bailey Smith has blocked us all on Instagram,” she told host Megan Pustetto.

“It’s so random. Me, Andre [Coutinho] and Jordan [Dowsett] were at dinner last night when we realised.”

Oh, what I would pay to be a fly on the wall for this conversation. I wonder if Bailey knows the influence he holds over our generation.

In a TikTok storytime video, Andre explained how he came to realise that big dog Bailey had him blocked on IG.

He’d seen a pic of Bailey wearing a cool pair of shorts after a few cold ones one night. Then, a week later, the image of the shorts came to his mind and he was like “bang I want them shorts”.

Naturally, he tried to find Bailey’s profile on IG but had some difficulty locating his page. Instead, he decided to put on his detective hat and go on his secret IG account to see if it made a difference.

“I went on there and I could find Bailey Smith like that. Straight away, I’m like damn, he actually might have blocked me. What for? I have no idea,” he said.

A month later, pseudo-investigative journalist Andre had another look and found that he was still blocked.

Not long after he went to dinner with Maddy and Jordan, which was referenced in So Dramatic!’s pod. He brought it up, and they realised that they were all blocked and completely puzzled as to why.

“Then we asked a few more islanders like Jess [Losurdo], Hugh [Wilcox], Holly [Oakes-Ferguson] and I think even Layla [John] found out. From my knowledge, he blocked all of us. Why? I have no idea. He doesn’t have to follow us at all, he doesn’t need to do anything. It’s just like… why?” he told the camera.

You can peep the full video below.

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Fellow Love Island Season Four alum Maddie Wilcox told So Dramatic! that to her knowledge, no one in the cast had met Bailey which just makes it even more enticing.

We’ve reached out to Bailey for a comment about his supposed beef towards the Season Four Love Island crew.

My hot theory? He’s a huge Love Island fan but didn’t have the time to watch it every fkn night. So to avoid spoilers, he blocked them all and just forgot to unblock them. My beautiful imagination, it’s working overtime.

(Image Source: Instagram, Bailey Smith @bazlenka + Channel Nine, Love Island Australia)