Bow Down To This Legend Who Pried A Snake Off A Puppy With His Bare Hands & Then Wrestled It

A 2 metre long snake, next to a staffy puppy.

Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them. Enter this absolute legend of a man, who rescued the pup of a family he doesn’t even know by jumping over a fence and wrestling a two-metre-long snake. Just another day, amirite?

Stewart Brasier, a Melbourne man holidaying up on the Sunshine Coast, was chilling at his Airbnb and enjoying a beer when he heard frantic screams and terrified, pained yelps coming from the neighbouring home.

Instincts kicking in, he ran to the back fence and “scaled it” to find what what can only be described as nightmare fuel: two young girls sobbing while a massive python wraps itself around their Staffy puppy called Panda, crushing it.

The girls’ mother was frantically on the phone with Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7, but there was no way they were going to get there in time. And so, a hero rose to the occasion — but not before nearly shitting his pants.

“I landed in the garden and just saw this massive snake around this dog and I pooped myself for a second and froze,” Brasier said, per Courier Mail.

“[Panda] wasn’t breathing, the snake was wrapped around its neck and its back legs, it was actually crushing it from the legs forward.

“The dog was totally screeching, all you could see was a little bit of the dog’s midsection and the snake was all around it,” he recounted.

With no help in sight, Brasier sprung into action and grabbed the snakes head, prying it off poor Panda while the girls sobbed hysterically and their mum relayed instructions from experts on the phone.

When he managed to pull the snake off Panda, the snake started to attack Brasier instead, and next thing he knew he was wrestling with it.

“I yanked it by its head and unravelled it from the tail … it was a bit of a tussle,” he said.

“I’m wrestling with it and I’m yelling out to my mother-in-law to put a beer in the freezer because I’m going to need one after this, it was horrendous.”

Of course his only thought when wrestling a very angry serpent was to have a beer ready, iconic.

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers revealed in their account of the sensational events that Brasier successfully saved both the puppy and the snake, neither of which suffered lasting injuries. We love a happy ending.

“[He] was able to uncoil the snake from around the dog’s body and then separate them and save the dog’s life,” the snake catcher’s Facebook post said.

“In the end they did a great job getting the snake off the dog uninjured and the dog got away with a few small cuts and lacerations.

“We ended up heading out and relocating the snake for them and taking it to some bushland away from the house.

“Please don’t hate the snake for this – it was simply looking for food. This sort of incident can happen, not all that often, but it certainly can happen.”

Well, all’s well that ends well I suppose. I hope Brasier got to have his beer, an ice cold one at that.