In news that makes my skin crawl, a local snake catchers in Queensland has shared its experience of finding a baby snek in a bloody asthma puffer. As an asthma sufferer, I cannot express how yuck this makes me feel.

The story goes that a teenage girl was bringing in her washing on Sunday when she spotted the wee snake slither out of her clothes and onto her bedroom floor.

When the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers were called to the home in Bli Bli, they searched the girl’s room and found the baby red-bellied black snake inside her open asthma inhaler.

“This is crazy and super lucky we were able to find the snake,” the local snake catchers shared on Facebook.

“It’s one of the most incredible places we have ever found a snake before and glad Heather [snake catcher] was able to catch and relocate it safely.”

You can read the full tale below.

The red-bellied black snake is one of the most commonly-encountered snakes in Australia, according to Google. It’s also venomous, because of course it is.

I’m glad the little sucker’s okay now, but good god I’ve had a very physical reaction to that picture.

You bet I just did a lap around the house in search of my three asthma puffers, even though I live nowhere near snakes. I don’t think I do, anyway.


Naturally, I did a little scroll through the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers’ feed on Facebook… because self-control means nothing to me, and the catching business seems to be a very, very active scene.

In late February, the team spent an hour and a half rescuing a carpet python after it slithered into the insides of a car.

The snake was really in there though, so the catchers called some mechanic friends for help.

“We managed to work together to take off the fuel cap and protective plastic layers and were able to just reach the python, wrapped around the fuel line,” they wrote on Facebook.

Prepare yourself for a big snek.

I’m about to fall down a very niche YouTube hole, I can feel it. Or, I’ll just binge Brave Wilderness’ videos again. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, this video sums it up.

Image: Facebook / Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers