Malcolm Turnbull’s Son Just Named The 5 “Craziest” Liberal Party Members

Alex Turnbull, the son of former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, has continued his path of scorched earth against the current administration of the Liberal Party, as the Federal Government stares down the barrel of potentially ballsing-up one of their most bullet-proof seats thanks to the upcoming Wentworth by-election.

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The younger Turnbull, who runs a hedge-fund in Singapore, has been openly campaigning against the Liberal Party in his Old Man’s former seat, which is set to go to the polls this coming Saturday in what’s looming as a potentially disastrous poll for Scott Morrison.

Not only has Alex Turnbull been encouraging voters to consider voting anything-but-Liberal and, more dramatically, has outright endorsed Independent candidate Kerryn Phelps, but he has now gone so far as to list his top 5 “craziest” members of the current Liberal Party administration.

Speaking with Triple J‘s Hack program last night, Turnbull asserted that the Liberal Party’s recent string of highly conservative policy decisions and missteps was evidence the party was “being held to ransom” in the senate by parties like One Nation. Additionally, he claimed the party had been taken over by far-right extremists, and was disproportionately fixated on three seats in far North Queensland. He then vowed to keep “fighting the good fight against the crazies” to restore order to party.

When pressed for exactly who he meant by “the crazies,” Turnbull did not shy away.

Almost instantaneously, Turnbull offered up his list of the five craziest current members of the Liberal Party, and it’s a murderers row of exactly who you’d expect.

At the top of the list, unsurprisingly, is former Prime Minister and current whinging pissbaby Tony Abbott, who Turnbull labelled a “singularly destructive human being.”

In second place, Peter Dutton, largely for similar reasons, who Turnbull quipped was “obviously another one.”

Third, Alex rated newly-installed Energy Minister and man who is apparently historically horny for coal, Angus Taylor. In that regard, Turnbull stated “despite being very intelligent he can’t get on the right side of events.

Finally, in fourth and fifth place – tied, because you simply cannot separate them – Turnbull listed far-right faction leaders Kevin Andrews and Tasmania’s worst export/Nazi Party family member Eric Abetz.

Hooley dooley.

Alex also pointed out that his Dad isn’t too keen on his recent outspoken turn, but that he also doesn’t particularly give a shit. So each to their own on that one.

The Wentworth by-election goes down this Saturday. The shit hits the fan shortly after that.