Tony Abbott Would Like Malcolm Turnbull To Be More Of A Team Player

I am genuinely sorry if this causes you to form some sort of crippling, involuntary eye twitch but: Tony Abbott wants Malcolm Turnbull to cut down on the wrecking, the sniping, and the undermining.

Bit of context for this one: Last night, the Roseville branch of the Liberal Party voted 16-2 in favour of a motion to expel Malcolm Turnbull from the party (this doesn’t actually kick him out, but it will now be moved up to the federal electorate conference). According to the SBS, this was partly because Turnbull is not campaigning in the Wentworth by-election, but also because Turnbull, his son Alex, and his wife Lucy all like an Instagram page called ‘Vote Tony Out. I’m a messy bitch and I love drama.

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Asked about the Roseville branch motion on 2GB, Abbott told Ben Fordham that he thinks Turnbull needs to be more of a team player: “What the Roseville branch does is a matter for the Roseville branch. I think it would be a pretty radical thing for a political party to no longer want someone who had until recently lead it and I’m not normally in support of radical things but it is certainly a duty for all Liberals to work for and not against Liberal candidates.”

Abbott did put forward the suggestion that maybe Turnbull was just following the page to “keep an eye on them so he could help [Tony] more effectively“, which Abbott did not seem to be able to refrain from laughing at.