Makers Of Tella Ball Shakes Spent 6 Months On Their New Unholy Creation

Sydney, we’ve had words with you before about the straight up war being waged on milkshakes—freakshakes, if you will—getting out of hand in your cafés. Nutella has officially transcended its humble beginnings: no longer the innocent—albeit truly life-affirming—spread, the stuff’s inexplicably invaded our restaurants with reckless abandon.

Not that we’re mad. It’s just a curious lil phenomenon in itself. 

The most iconic culprit of the trend has to be Erskineville’s Foodcraft Espresso, who [arguably] sparked Sydney’s undoing with this fickle beast / window to weight gain:


And now, ICYMI, the dudes behind Tella Balls (see the bb donut above) are heading up a new venture, and devoting an *entire dessert bar* to Nutella, fit for the hazelnut Godsthis is not a drill, etc—opening in Inner West suburb Dulwich Hill towards the end of next month, or so Aki Daikos, Foodcraft’s owner, tells P.TV

Daikos told us that Tella Balls will offer both made-to-order specialty desserts (confirmed: the words “crème brûlée” and “nutella” were said in the same sentence) and cabinet items—cronuts, waffles, donuts, cheesecakes and gelato. 

Which, y’know, is pretty standard nutella-based fare for a joint dedicated to the stuff. It’s ‘tella 101.

BUT, the plot thickened when Daikos mentioned Tella Balls’ ~signature offering~ that’s set to be unleashed upon unworthy masses + instagram feeds, come opening: as Daikos says the team has been working on the evil bastard “for the past six months”. 

If the thing’s been in development for HALF A YEAR, folks—the fuck is this thing? a nutella velouté with white chocolate bullshit?—may God have mercy on us all.  

Tella ur m8s, see who’s keen, and follow the bar’s updates over here. 

Lead image via Instagram.