Macca’s Is Doing Mini Hotcakes Stuffed With Nutella & Chuck ‘Em Down My Food Chute RN

Macca's / Nutella hotcakes

In good news for treaties lovers everywhere, Macca’s will launch new Nutella-stuffed mini hotcakes as part of its new summer menu. Nutella. Filled. Hotcakes. You truly love to see it.

The sweet new menu item will be available nationwide from Wednesday, December 9. They’re basically a mini version of the beloved Macca’s breakfast menu item, plus Nutella.

The mini hotcakes with Nutella will stay on the menu until February 16 next year, so you’ve got plenty of time to lob some down your food chute.

I, for one, can certainly imagine devouring a handful of these babies after a cheeky night out. Who wouldn’t, hey! Bit of chippies, bit of hotcakes – good to go.

The tiny bites will join the bloody El Maco and McRib on Macca’s summer line-up. Both of these saucy bites will launch tomorrow as well.

It’s been a long two years without the McRib which, if you don’t quite remember, is the beautiful pork number smothered in smoky BBQ McRib sauce and topped with pickles. My mouth watered a little, not gonna lie.

The El Maco, meanwhile, is a beef burger with chunky salsa and sour cream.

Macca’s has been teasing the return of the McRib for a little while now, after Ronald (whoever runs Macca’s Australia’s Twitter) tweeted a poll asking people which famous product they would bring back if they could.

One option was the McRib, the others were Custard Pie and Spicy McNuggets. In no surprise whatsoever, the McRib won out with 42.3 per cent of the peoples’ vote.

Once more, for those at the back: catch Nutella filled mini hotcakes, the McRib, and the El Maco at Macca’s starting tomorrow.

Get in, pals.