People Called Out This YouTuber For Giving Away Grog On Invasion Day & Now He’s Having A Sook

Aussie “prankster” Luke Erwin has spent his Wednesday having a big old whinge over criticism of his latest video, in which he rocked up uninvited at a Brisbane Invasion Day gathering to hand out grog.

Instead of actually protesting or joining in on the gathering, Erwin claimed to be raising “awareness for their day” by handing out $500-$600 worth of beer to random Aboriginal people in the park and filming a punch-up, a stunt which riffs off one of the most persistent stereotypes about First Nations people and completely disregards community health concerns.

People were pretty unimpressed. The top comment on Insta summarised it as such: “Fuck yeah let’s give grog to a community where alcoholism is their biggest problem, have a go at the way they act and speak, and throw some more grog in the mix.”

While a few people in the park were happy to take the booze at first, the stunt was quickly shut down by elders.

“Get out of here, now,” one woman told him before the police eventually arrived to see if he was giving drinks to people under 18 (he wasn’t).

Erwin posted heaps of Instagram stories addressing the backlash. (Instagram / @itslukeerwin23)

Now, Erwin has dobuled-down and said he has no regrets in a Insta story filmed while driving on Wednesday morning.

“What I wanted to share with you guys is that you can do something so good, get so much positive feedback, and then 24 hours later every cunt is having a sook about ‘the culture’, giving out fucking beers,” he said, referring to a road rage incident he broke up a day earlier.

“Honestly, it’s not fucking acceptable. Take the free piss, take the free money, and fucking enjoy it. I’m here to enjoy my life, I’m here to not make any cunt happy.

“This is the moral of the story: you can’t make every cunt happy, if if you’re trying to live life doing that, fuck that.”

Nowhere in the original was Erwin handing out free money.

Erwin deleted those initial Instagram stories on Wednesday afternoon and recorded a new update.

“I’ve never been racist, I’ve never done any shit like that,” he said.

“I’m standing by what I did yesterday.

“Yeah there’s alcoholism, there’s troubles in the community.”

Erwin shared several photos from previous stunts where he handed out booze in public. (Instagram / @itslukeerwin23)

Then, for some reason, he said he’d continue to go down to Nowra and “get on the piss with all the boys.” It’s unclear how this is related.

“I’ve spent thousands of dollars of giving away shots to the public, cases of beer and stuff, and then I just get fucking turned on,” he continued.

And yet, buying randoms booze for a YouTube prank is no the same as paying the rent.

Erwin appeared to stand by the stunt in the face of backlash from fans and even family members.

“Fuck every cunt,” he concluded.