YouTuber Alex Williamson Says He’s Seeking Mental Health Support Days After On-Stage Incident

Aussie YouTuber and standup comedian Alex “Shooter” Williamson has opened up about seeking mental health help, days after a heckling incident in Adelaide turned sour.

Williamson, who’s also known to fans as the “Loosest Aussie Bloke Ever”, was seen having a go at a heckler during his stand-up gig at the White Rhino Room over the weekend.

In footage shared by Brown Cardigan, Williamson can be heard referencing an audience member’s deceased parents, saying: “I’m glad they’re dead, so they didn’t get to see their son evolve into a such a fucken useless sack of shit.”

“Guess what, my comedy’s above your fucking head, cunt,” Williamson continued.

“You’re entertained by a glass of alcohol.”

The confrontation quickly erupted into chaos, with the crowd throwing drinks at the stage in protest and Williamson appearing to retaliate by kicking the audience members’ table.

Eventually, people started walking out, which can be seen in a second clip shared on Twitter.

While he didn’t explicitly link the incident with his mental health issues, the comedian did admit he was seeking professional help after he ‘underwent an episode’.

“Lots of things at play below the surface over the last two weeks as I underwent an episode,” Williamson said in a post on Instagram.

“Things you could only speculate on, without a proper understanding. I’m seeing a doctor tomorrow to give them a proper understanding.”

Williamson also used the opportunity to encourage everyone else to open up about any mental health issues they might be facing, be it to a mate or a professional.

“If you see the same darkness I saw, I encourage you to speak to a loved one. A friend. A medical professional. Hell, even a dog,” he added.

“Because it’s lonely out there.”

He said that telling “the world” about his struggles was “the best thing I ever did”.

Williamson’s Adelaide show was cut short after the kerfuffle, raising questions about the remainder of his tour, which has 10 more shows scheduled for Queensland, as well as one each in NSW and WA.

In his IG post, he apologised to fans who missed out and promised to return to Adelaide soon.

“Apologies to those that missed out on my show Saturday,” he said.

“I’ll be back better than ever.”

Get better, mate.

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