YouTuber Alex Williamson’s Adelaide Show Cut Short After Sparking Wild Brawl With Audience

Australian YouTuber and performer Alex “Shooter” Williamson allegedly kicked at audience members in Adelaide over the weekend, sparking a wild fracas that saw a live performance cut off early.

Williamson, who styles himself as the “Loosest Aussie Bloke,” performed two shows at Adelaide’s Rhino Room on Friday and Saturday night.

One of the performances, it’s unclear at this stage which one, was cut short after an aggressive and violent stand-off with audience members descended into drink-throwing.

Footage posted to social media by Brown Cardigan shows Williamson aggressively berating the audience member, making apparent references to their deceased parents by shouting “I’m glad they’re dead, so they didn’t get to see their son evolve into a such a fucken useless sack of shit.”

Williamson then turns to the crowd and asks “is he making the show, guys? Is this guy really great?” before standing, approaching their table, and kicking over several drinks while demanding unidentified man leaves the show; launching repeated c-bombs into the microphone in the process.

The second half of the footage then shows Williamson significantly escalating the situation by appearing to swing a kick in the man’s direction, though it’s unclear from the footage whether he made contact. Members of the man’s group then confront Williamson as venue staff try to intervene.

From that point, the scene descends into utter chaos as the exiting audience members throw drinks at an increasingly antagonistic Williamson, who at one point picks up his on-stage stool and raises it. Projectiles thrown by the exiting party seemingly strike Williamson twice, who continued his on-mic diatribe throughout the entire incident.

Social media posts confirm the show was halted prematurely after that incident, with Williamson addressing the incident in a rather one-sided statement on his own Instagram page late yesterday.

In a short caption pasted across a reposted Instagram Story showing an edited version of the incident, Williamson stated “Coming to my shows is becoming an extreme sport. Apologies Adelaide for Elizabeth scum pegging glasses.”

This isn’t the first time Williamson has antagonised heckling members of his audience. In March, Williamson posted footage of a live show in Goulburn in which he confronted and goaded an audience member into a physical confrontation. Williamson repeatedly took swings at that man, who retaliated by attempting to glass him with a beer bottle. The bottle, which did not break, was then scooped up by Williamson who used it as a stage prop, much to the apparent delight of the chanting crowd.

Williamson later admitted that the man he confronted on that occasions wasn’t even the one who was heckling him.

Alex Williamson sports a mammoth social media following, including 501,000 followers on Instagram and 658,000 subscribers on YouTube, theoretically making him one of the most widely-viewed “comedians” in Australia. He also maintains a subscription-based OnlyFans page, charging fans $14.90 per month for a series of sport and horse racing betting tips. This, despite the platform being predominantly designed for sex workers.

PEDESTRIAN.TV has reached out to Rhino Room management for comment, but they had yet to respond at the time of publication.