Lime Cordiale Want You To Vote For Climate Independents & Stop Fking Yr Ballot In New Campaign

Aussie pop rockers Lime Cordiale have joined a new political campaign encouraging people to vote for independents with strong climate records in the Federal Election. And they want you to stop drawing dicks on your ballot paper too.

Lime Cordiale filmed a vid for the It Takes Three campaign. The goal of the campaign is to elect three more independents who have a strong climate record. On the campaign’s website, you can pop in your postcode and find your nearest independent candidates.

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It Takes Three is part of Climate 200, a fund which financially supports independent candidates whose primary concern is climate change.

You can read all about Climate 200 and the push to elect climate independents here. There’s lots of interesting factors to unpack including the possible consequences of climate independents targeting Coalition seats. Enjoy yourself, friends!

It Takes Three’s platform essentially relies on the idea that if there were three climate independents in government, they could force meaningful climate policy. At the moment the Coalition hold 77 seats in the Lower House while the Labor Party holds 68 seats, The Greens hold one seat and there are three independents.

Lime Cordiale got involved in the campaign with a minute and a half long video. There’s even a little song! Perhaps we’ll get a Mother Nature themed collab with Idris Elba out of this.

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The vid featured the brothers Oli and Louis Leimbach pointing to some of the small things they do for the climate. Composting, using solar energy, taking cold showers or not showering at all, according to Louis.

“All that small stuff’s pretty easy. But where we can make a big difference is politics,” said Oli in the vid.

“I’m pro sustainable living and usually draw organic fruits and veggies on my ballot paper,” Louis added.

“Like you know, a gherkin and two potatoes. I’ve seen other people do it.”

But as Oli told him in the vid: those are in fact dicks.

The brothers then encouraged people not to draw genitalia — or root veggies for that matter — on their ballots.

It’s a good message considering in the last election, less than 91% of people voted. Considering we have, y’know, compulsory voting that’s pretty low.

That number included people who donkey voted: aka drew a dick or gherkin on their paper. Or a donkey depending on your creativity levels.

Now there’s another Federal Election looming I’ve got my eye on you all. As RuPaul Charles says every week: don’t fuck it up.

The other message of Lime Cordiale’s vid was to get people voting for climate independents.

“If we vote in just three independents with a strong platform on climate change, we can sway government decision,” they said.

It’s clear climate is going to be a big theme of this year’s election. In his Budget Reply Labor Leader Anthony Albanese said Labor would “stop the climate wars”, if that gives you any indication of how things are garn.

Considering we’re less than a week into the Election build up (I wish I was joking too) it’ll be interesting to see if any other Aussie musos come out batting for a political campaign or party. Put it on their Spotify profiles I say.