Pets of the more ~affluent~ socialite/influencer types are not shy to being spoilt absolutely rotten so we really shouldn’t be surprised that kween of SnapchatKylie Jenner, is currently getting a ‘doghouse’ (read: elaborate kennel) built for her puppies, and it looks like it’s going to be decked out to the friggin’ nines.

At last count, Kylie’s a mum to nine pets – a chook, a bunny, and seven (!) dogs including two Italian Greyhounds, Bambi and Norman – and clearly nothing is too good for her precious fur babies, because the huge doghouse she’s posted on her Snapchat this morning looks bigger than half the terraces houses in Sydney that go for over a million at auction, Jesus wept.

Kylie Jenner Shows Off Her Pups’ New Doghouse, Complete With Air-Con
LOOK AT THAT THING. (Credit: Snapchat)

“You guys, my doghouse is almost done, how cute! It’s gunna be air-conditioned and a heater, and a whole little – it’s like a guest house.”

From what I can see, this thing is huge. It’s tall enough for a person to stand up inside it. It’s like a human-sized cubby house, but for puppies. It’s probably bigger than my bedroom in my inner-Sydney sharehouse, and probably less of a rising mould problem, too.

God dammit this dog is FANCY. I’m furious.

I mean with faces like Norman and Bambi, it’s hard to say no, really.

The Babies #Rosie #Harlie #15weeks

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You can’t say no to them! It’s impossible! I would sooner spontaneously combust than deny these two precious silky tiny long boys anything in the world.

The Châteaux de la Dogge (that’s its name now, I declare it so) hasn’t been fully kitted out just yet but I’m envisioning plush, velour, shaggy carpet, comfy beds, and diamonté-encrusted food bowls, with some soft jazz playing in the built-in speakers. A truly relaxing home down the backyard, that.

And hell, if this is what the Jenner Doghouse looks like, I sure as shit wouldn’t mind being sent there from time to time.

Image: Getty Images / Papjuice/Bauer-Griffin