Kylie Jenner Missed The AMAs ‘Cos Her Dogs Did Doggy & Made Bebés

Kylie Jenner‘s fan base went into meltdown when she didn’t show at the American Music Awards, hosted (badly) by mate Gigi Hadid: was she ill? Did Kris Jenner lock her in a Calabasas basement because she’s so close to topping Kim Kardashian‘s number of IG followers? Was there a gloss emergency at Lip Kit HQ?

Turns out she was called to the bedside of her beloved Italian Greyhound Bambi, who – unbeknownst to anyone until she announced the news on Twitter – got knocked up by her other dog Norman and gave birth to two cute pups right before she was due to start getting red carpet ready.

Kylie explained that she’s planning on keeping both puppers but is waiting to name them based on their personalities. 

She couldn’t resist posting a peek of them to Snapchat and JUST LOOK.

*dabs proud tears so as not to fuck with face*
Photo: Instagram / @kyliejenner.