Kratu Is Back At The Crufts Dog Show And, Bless Him, Shitter Than Ever

Kratu, the notoriously naughty floofer, has returned to the annual Crufts Dog Show in Birmingham, England. I’m happy to report that the Carpathian x Mioritic rescue dog, for a third year running, still doesn’t give the slightest of fucks.

Kratu tore up Crufts’ agility course once more, to the crowd’s delight. Check out his mighty effort below, which features Kratu happily running back and forth through the tunnels, bypassing 99.99% of the obstacles and ultimately nabbing one of the hurdles’ bars. We stan this chaotic canine energy.

His exceptionally free-spirited attitude and obvious lack of cares in the world has cemented the rescue dog as a must-see performance each year. Punters just can’t help but adore a dog who metaphorically shits on the entire course.

Don’t sweat about Kratu’s career, though, as his side-gigs have well and truly taken off. Exhibit A: his career as a glam cover model:

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If you want more Kratu, which you obviously do – you’re only human – check out his equally free-spirited and unapologetically rogue 2018 and 2019 performances.

All hail Kratu, the people’s Best In Show for a third year running.