WATCH: This No Fooling Rescue Pooch Can Fly A No Fooling Plane

Whilst we sincerely doubt that aviation will be added to the program of the Westminster Dog Show anytime soon, this is still impressive as hell.

And though we’re acutely aware of the date (Exhibit A) we assure you this is no joke.
A UK show on Sky is answering the burning question that all of us should’ve been asking for decades: Can a dog fly an actual aeroplane?

The answer, as it turns out, is “sort of.”
Dogs Might Fly is a series that’s taking basic dog training techniques and transferring them into the cockpit of a plane, for reasons that could ever be classified as “fuck it, why not.”
A new clip from the show – a competition-style program – brings us Shadow, a rescue pooch who, bless his heart, just seems like he’s motivated purely by snacks (same, TBH).

The show apparently features 12 abandoned wee doggies all vying to be Britain’s first ever PAWLET*.
*Never, ever apologising for that one. Ever. Run at us.
Source: Ninemsn.