Nothing is better than a dog phenomenally fucking up a task that a human has trained it to do. I feel like as much as you train a dog to jump through hoops and run through tunnels and prance across perfectly-manicured grass (read: astroturf), at the end of the day they’re an animal and they can do whatever they god-damn please.

Enter once again, Kratu.

The delightful Carpathian X Mioritic rescue dog who won the crowd over at the annual Crufts Dog Show in BirminghamEngland last year by simply being too stoked to be there to be able to actually do his agility course properly has returned to the ring and…still can’t seem to nail the landing.

Look, he’s simply trying his best but you can tell he’s just distracted by everything; the crowd, the lights, the new tunnels to sit in and not run through. There’s just so much going on! How can you expect a pup to run through all of this with a cold, hard demeanour and not want to PLAY??

Watch him, he’s so precious I want to hug him forever and let him sleep on the bed.

Kratu was once again representing Romania and rescue assistance dogs everywhere with his very good display of being super stoked about everything, including his interpretations of agility courses.

Comparing his performance last year to this year, the only thing that I can see that’s changed is that he really just wants to hide in the tunnels instead of running through them.

Bless you Kratu, you’ve won Best in Show in my heart for the second year in a row.

Image: YouTube / Crufts Dog Show