Watch This Rescue Dog Happily & Adorably 100% Fail To Do An Agility Course

Kratu the rescue and assistance dog had a wee good time over the weekend when he took part in the Crufts Dog Show in Birmingham, England. Kratu just wanted to have a good time so he absolutely destroyed the agility course – in the sense that he didn’t follow much of the rules. He’s still a legend though.

The furry doggo was adopted by owner Tessa, who signed Kratu up for the event to represent the animal shelter Wood Green. 

So the event begins and he does one jump before running off to do his own thang for a bit which included a lot of sniffing. Kratu then went to go say hi to some of the staff (one, who is obviously a cat person by the looks of it) before returning to the course and doing some more impressive jumps.

Kratu the four-year-old, also excitedly barked at the crowd which I’m guessing translates to, “I love the attention”. Then Kratu completely ignored the weave obstacle ‘cos it sucked but he did give the tunnel a good shot and a half. By this, I mean he goes in and comes out the same end before giving it another go. But it’s the effort that matters, after all.

Bottom line – Kratu had a heap of fun and completely won over the audience and commentators.

As the commentator said, “He couldn’t care less,” he really couldn’t.

If you’re feeling gloomy on this chilly Monday, watch the video, it’ll surely put a smile on your face.

Have you ever seen a dog so happy before?

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