Ceremonial Good Boy Does A Hockey Honour At Big Game

Ice hockey’s a pretty big sport in America and every year they hold a ceremonial first puck to mark the end to all the pre-season tournaments, celebrations and hype sessions. This happens at the start of the first game of the season. So it’s sorta like saying bye to the NAB Cup if we’re talking AFL. The ceremony’s a pretty big deal to ice hockey fans and a guest of honour is chosen to drop the puck between the two captains. This year IT WAS A SWEET DOGGO, named Vincent who did the honour.

Past ceremonial puck droppers have been past players, political folk and celebrities but this year, the National Hockey League decided to go with Vincent and his human friend Captain Casper, as part of Military Appreciation Day. Play did not start immediately though, the drop is just a photo-op between the two rival captains before the actual match so Vincent was safely escorted off the ice afterwards. But not before he received a little ‘good boy’ scratch from Colorado Avalanche’s team captain, Gabriel Landeskog. 

Now straight to the vid ‘cos it’s the cutest thing you’ll see today.



Now this may sound crazy but the Avalanche’s went on to completely dominate and win the game at 5-2 after Captain Landeskog gave Vincent a pat. Coincidence? I think not.

This isn’t the first time a doggo’s been on the sporting field. Just last year, another very hard working pup carried the umpire their water bottle during a baseball game. Jake the Diamond Dog looked extremely pleased with himself as he walked over to the umpire, dropped the basket, sat down and then waited for the bottle to be returned before heading off field. Jake also likes to help collect balls, bats and even flowers for baseball fans. We do not deserve these creatures.

*creates petition to start every AFL and cricket match with hard working doggo*