ICYMI: The New ‘Grinch’ Trailer Dropped If You Feel Like Being Salty

Soooo, another reboot-of-a-film trailer has dropped and this time it’s the Christmas favourite, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Otherwise known simply as The Grinch, the reboot is animated and stars Benedict Cumberbatch as our fine furry and salty, green friend.

Since then, a helluva lot of people have hit Twitter doubting the film mostly because they’re getting sick of reboots but also because Jim Carey, the man who literally trained with the CIA  to survive the iconic costume that took eight and a half hours to apply and felt like “being buried alive”,  is going to be fucking hard to top. Although Carey’s not the OG Grinch, people are still pretty protective of the film. But, in saying that, it’s also Benedict Cumberbatch and the film has automatically made a coupla millions because of said actor.

So, if you haven’t seen the trailer here it is below.

Also because Illumination are producing it, there’s a fucking minion in the pre-credits so brace yourself.

Yep, so things to take away from that are (or if you chose not to watch the trailer):

  • Piss off minions
  • One of the world’s most overplayed songs, Happy by Pharrell Williams plays in the first twenty seconds…over and over again. At least the Grinch hates it too.
  • The animation’s pretty darn cute though
  • Oh yeah, Max the dog
  • The salty, bitter, I-hate-everything humour is still there
  • The Grinch walks like Anton Ego from Ratatouille
  • At one point, Benedict AKA The Grinch sounds exactly like Professor Snape at 1:44 and it’s weird.
  • I swear there’s a Club Penguin penguin in their somewhere

Bottom line – it looks like a mash-up of The Secret Life of Pets and Despicable Me in the sense that I genuinely feel like a minion will appear in the film. Once again, this is 100 per cent because Illumination is behind this reboot.

Anywhoo, Twitter’s also like yeah-hmmm-nah-but-we’ll-still-watch-it and it’s about forty per cent curiosity and 60 per cent Benedict Cumberbatch.

And in the spirit of being utterly bitter about anything sparkly and new in this world, here are some unamused tweets.

And my personal favourite.


Ugh, childhood nostalgia but also sick of reboots but ugh fresh new spin on an old tail – conflicted, conflicted, conflicted…

Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch will be out November 9.