Kevin Spacey Accused Of Attempted Sexual Assault Against A 14 Y.O. Actor

A second man has accused actor Kevin Spacey of serious sexual misconduct against him at the age of 14, culminating in what he describes as an attempted rape.

Speaking to Vulture, the man – who chose to remain anonymous for privacy reasons – said he first met Spacey aged 12 in 1983, at a community acting class in New York. Spacey was in his 20s at the time.

The man states two years passed before he saw Spacey again at a park. The two went for a walk, at which point Spacey allegedly gave him his personal phone number, saying “I want to see you, and I want you to come to my apartment.”

He says by that point, an abusive and paedophilic older cousin had skewed his perceptions of healthy, consensual relationships, leading him to feel “like I’d won the lottery.”

The man states he called Spacey the next day, and visited his apartment. It was then they allegedly began a sexual relationship.

He claims three or four meetings had taken place before Spacey asked him to come over for a brief visit.

“I thought we were going to kiss and tell each other we loved each other and I was going to go,” the man says. However, he claims Spacey wanted to have sex with him.

The man goes on to describe the meeting, stating Spacey pulled down his pants and forced himself on him, before he was able to escape.

“I am strong enough, thank God, both somewhere in my brain and in my body, to get him off of me,” the man says.

“I’m sturdy, thankfully. I throw him off of me and I run crying down the stairs and out into the street and then suck it all up and go have dinner.”

Describing the alleged incident, the man says “I don’t know how I would see that as anything besides an attempted rape, which I was able to thwart.”

On the inherent lasting psychological impact of the alleged ordeal, the man says “what he left me with, more than what he took from me, was a sense that I deserved this. And that’s the knot I’m still untangling.”

The man said he spoke about the alleged incident with close friends several years after it took place; Vulture spoke to those people, who confirmed those conversations did happen.

Vulture also contacted the man’s therapist, who said the man began recounting the alleged incident in 2015. The publication also confirmed the abusive relationship with the man’s cousin.

Finally, Vulture reached out to Spacey for comment. His lawyer responded via email, saying “Mr. Spacey absolutely denies the allegations.”

You can read the full account HERE.

The man’s statement comes after actor Anthony Rapp first accused Spacey of inappropriate sexual conduct towards him when he was 14. Two other industry figures have also alleged Spacey committed sexual harassment.

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual assault or harassment, please get in touch with 1800 RESPECT.