Kendall Jenner has fired back at a fan who tried to school her on how to behave during the coronavirus pandemic.

The model shared a snap from her classic ’65 red Ford Mustang on Tuesday, but she reassured fans that she was only “starting up” the vehicle from her home.

Taking to Twitter, the KUWTK star explained that while she’s staying at home and taking social distancing measures “very seriously”, she advised folks that it’s “not a bad idea” to get some “fresh air” during the state’s lockdown.

A fan account shared a screenshot of the media personality’s car image, writing: “UHMMM NO, Stay Home.”

Jenner hit back at the fan’s comment, insisting that “of course I’m staying home!!”

Adding, “Taking this quarantine v seriously… but also not a bad idea to get some fresh air as long as you keep a safe distance from others and follow all guidelines 🙂 everyone stay healthy.”