Katy Perry Gives Hillary Clinton A Co-Sign With Instagram Takeover

It’s 2015. You’re gearing up for an election year. You’re a front runner in the race for Democratic nomination, but your closest rival is absolutely cleaning up with young would-be voters online. You ask yourself one question: “how do I reach these kids?”

If you’re Hillary Clinton, the answer is to take some selfies with Katy Perry, who took a guest spot on “Hills’” Instagram account. 

Supporting a supporter, Noah from Iowa. #volunteer #getinvolved -Katy

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?? #ImWithHer -Katy

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Perry also performed at a political rally in Iowa for Clinton following an appearance from Hillary’s husband and ex-POTUS Billsaying “I stand and I march with Hillary. I believe in her future … her vision”.
It’s not the first time Perry has thrown her clout behind a Democratic nominee, with performances in 2008 for some bloke named Barack Obama. Of course, if part III of the Clinton presidency saga goes ahead, it’ll confirm what we’ve known all along: you can forget the polls, Katy Perry is the real kingmaker here. 
On the other end of the social media spectrum, 4chan users have rallied behind Republican frontrunner Donald Trump after he retweeted the rarest Pepe of them all:

Although taking anything 4chan says at face value – or, at any value, really – is a futile endeavour, the retweet says a lot about the type of person who’d vote for Trump, and the type of person Trump wants voting for him. 
Ick. Strap yourself in folks. The presidential election hasn’t even started yet. 


Image via Instagram.