WATCH: Katy Perry Does Her Patriotic Duty & Strips To Encourage US Voters

After yesterday’s clusterfuck that was the first Presidential Election debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, both sides are now ramping up their campaigns / smears. 
But in the US, due to the fact that they don’t have compulsory voting (so weird), there’s always a third campaign that goes ahead during elections: the “For The Love Of God Please Please Please Enrol To Vote” campaign. 
Celebs always get on board – we saw The Avengers and a bunch of other famous actors do a video with Joss Whedon to encourage fans to vote… but not for Donald Trump. In that video, Robert Downey Jr. promised that if America voted (for Hillz), Mark Ruffalo would get nekkid in his next movie.
But Katy Perry‘s done the one-up here – she’s gotten naked already. And arrested. While voting. 
The singer is adamant that she’s read the US Constitution, and it’s PERFECTLY legal to vote naked. Joel McHale from ‘Community’ believes the same. It is… *not* true. 
Here’s Katy Perry in the nudders, attempting to inspire voters for ‘Funny or Die’:

That guy falling into the polling booth though. True. 
Source/Photo: Funny Or Die