A freshly-woke Katy Perry has declared that entertainment industry awards shows – yes, those glittering bastions of artistic integrity – are “fake,” and that “all the awards that I’ve won are fake.”

Speaking to The New York Times as part of a wide-reaching new profile, Perry labelled the entire concept of awards shows “a construct” that isn’t indicative of what the music-listening public is actually into. 

Katy Perry, 14-Time People’s Choice Award Winner, Calls Awards Shows “Fake”

To put her statement into perspective: she’s won five American Music Awards, 14 People’s Choice Awards, a Brit Award, along with 13 Grammy nominations. That’s a significant amount of tea to spill on those who’ve honoured you for the best part of a decade.

That ~revelation~ comes in the midst of considerable personal change for Perry. ICYMI, she’s been powering through a bit of an identity change, and that admission seems to be part of it.

Perry says “I didn’t kill” the old fluorescent Teenage Dream-era Katy Perry, “because I love her, and she is exactly what I had to do then.” 

And, in response to critics who say her ‘honest’ persona is a bit of a publicity schtick, Perry says “I’m not a con artist, I didn’t con people, like, that was just me. And this is me now.”

The profile comes on the back of her mammoth Witness World Wide live-stream, and writer Caryn Ganz makes it perfectly clear why people would choose to question Perry’s motives. 

After all, the concept of someone wanting to shed a carefully-curated popstar image with a massively publicised online campaign is kinda strange.

Perry even admitted as much, saying “I know that sometimes it feels publicly like I’m dragging cement blocks,” but you might just get an idea of the “pyramid” she’s trying to build with them in the full feature piece, which you can read HERE.

Source: The New York Times. 
Photo: Jason LaVeris / Getty.