Watch World’s Biggest Pinger/Katy Perry Fan Rub-Down The Latter On-Stage

Say what you will about Katy Perry, the noted pastel advocate does indeed live a life devoted to teaching and learning. (Sesame Street ban notwithstanding).

And so Perry, in the pursuit of Portuguese language lessons, enlisted a Rio de Janeiro local, pulling her up on-stage at Rock in Rio for some on the fly translations. Rather than engaging in linguistics the unnamed fan (Rayane? Hai~yai~iai~ai~a?) instead took a holistic approach to Katy Perry’s rig: “She’s kissing my neck!”.

Turns out, she was unwittingly chosen to come up just as she was coming up, with Katy Perry observing “I think she’s rolling” and later confirming “she’s rolling.”

See the highest gal in all of Latin America go all the way last night:

No regrets, just love.