Kangaroo Jumps Straight Back Into Lake Burley-Griffin After Being Rescued & Honestly, Same

kangaroo canberra

Canberra residents had quite the shock when a young kangaroo was rescued from Lake Burley-Griffin before turning around and jumping back in.

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The young kangaroo was taking a dip in Canberra’s famous waterhole when police were called-in to rescue him with the police jetski that rarely gets use in the inland city.

But after being rescued and brought back to the lake’s edge, the marsupial decided he wasn’t finished paddling, and promptly jumped back in.

The officers were then forced to rescue him again, clearly ignoring the fact that Skippy just wanted to cool off.

Even after a second rescue, the kangaroo wasn’t hanging around for long, quickly scooting off towards the High Court.

“It’s the Water Rats – Skippy crossover we’ve all been waiting for,”  a user commented on the now-viral Reddit footage.

Jetski police in Canberra attempt to arrest swimming suspect [OC] from r/australia

Kangaroos aren’t exactly rare in the nation’s capital, which is largely surrounded by bush. This isn’t even the first time a kangaroo has been rescued from the lake, with dragon boaters saving a drowning roo in 2014 and the local lifesaving group performing a rescue in 2015, according to the Canberra Times.

“Kangaroos found in our urban lakes have usually got there after being scared or startled by a dog, typically one that is off-leash,” an ACT Parks and Conservation spokesperson told the Canberra Times in 2018.

Although many Reddit users were calling for police to “let the boy swim”, officers were actually doing the roo a favour because Lake Burley-Griffin isn’t the same as your local beach. The man-made lake features almost no exit points, especially ones that a kangaroo could access, with Reddit user Nickelass pointing out that they often rescue stranded dogs from the lake while kayaking.

This kangaroo is a mood. A visual representation of when your friend warns you against doing something dumb but you do the dumb thing anyway. Truly relatable content.

Thankfully, Drippy the bush kangaroo is alive and well, and will likely stay the heck out of Canberra for a while.