Join In The Fun: People Are Sharing Their Stoner Confessions On Twitter

The stoner crew of the Twitterverse are shooting the shit right now over their tales of woe and blazed misfortune, by using the hashtag #MyStonerConfession to recount those times they took a walk on the high side and promptly ~ could not even ~.


“I once waited at a stop sign for half an hour, waiting for it to turn green…”

Like any hashtag, it’s been hijacked by a few “I’ve never smoked weed” / “lol the cops better be watching this” Tweeters, which begs the question: why are you here? Can you not?

But amongst the rubble are some classic #stonerlogic moments, as well as a look-in from Zach Braff to prove he’s still relevant to the youth of today.

Hit the bong / enjoy: