Zach Braff Is Again Teasing A ‘Scrubs’ Podcast & We Require 100 CC’s Of It, Stat

Though, and this is the brutally honest truth, most of it doesn’t really hold up super well nowadays, Scrubs is still a massively beloved series that played a big part in the lives of certain people who, say, chose to watch four seasons of it across three days during SWOTVAC instead of studying for a first year Quantitative Methods exam. As an example.

The show aired its finale in 2009 – although a series using the same name continued on until 2010 – and while there’s been various panel reunions and the like over the years, Zach Braff is once again teasing something new that may be a little concrete.

The star of the series took to Twitter a short time ago to publicly float the idea of a re-watch podcast alongside eternal best bud Donald Faison. And while it’s not a whole heap to go on right now, it’s certainly not nothing.

It’s a project Braff has brought up before, first teasing it back in December after a fan prompted the idea.

Curiously enough, Faison hit up social media just a couple of short days ago to drop a direct Scrubs reference, which he doesn’t exactly make a regular habit of doing.

Coincidence? Possibly. Sneaky sign of something more? Perhaps. Thing that I’m deliberately reading far too much into for the sake of padding this article out a little? You bet your ass.

Should a Scrubs rewatch podcast come to fruition, it wouldn’t be the first beloved comedy series to have its cast dive back through it in podcast form. Last September Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey launched the Office Ladies podcast, which is diving back through The Office one episode at a time.

Given this is now the second time Braff has teased it out loud, it’s now just a matter of hitting the record button letting it all out into the mic.

Go on, lads. Get stuck into it already.