Zach Braff Is Keen To Do A ‘Scrubs’ Podcast With Donald Faison, So Maybe He Is Superman

scrubs podcast

I don’t mean to alarm you but we could very well be getting a ‘Scrubs’ podcast with Zach Braff and Donald Faison.

We’re about to hit the 10-year anniversary of the final ‘Scrubs’ episode, so what better time to revive the series in podcast form?

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Recently, we saw ‘The Office’ bebes Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer get together to re-live the cult-fave show on their ‘Office Ladies’ podcast. Much like the show, the podcast proves to be a huge hit.

So why the hell shouldn’t we get a ‘Scrubs’ podcast?

The idea first surfaced on Twitter, after a fan of the ‘Office Ladies’ podcast voiced their desire for a ‘Scrubs’ version.

“Really enjoying the Office Ladies podcast, but it makes me think @zachbraff should do a Scrubs rewatch show”.

Obviously Zach Braff responded, tagging fictional and IRL bestie Donald Faison.

“Hang out with my bestie and giggle like school girls… with snacks? Hmmm.”

The tweet has already received over 15,000 likes, thus proving that the people really need a ‘Scrubs’ podcast.

Turk and JD simply must take us along for the ride as they re-live their early hospital days.

The Turk and JD bromance has lived on far longer than the show itself, with Zach Braff even being named the godfather of Faison’s son. Huge aww.

The 10th anniversary of the final episode rolls around on March 17 next year, so mark your calendars because I’m predicting a podcast to drop around then.

But in the mean time, I managed to find this 5-star ‘Scrubs’ podcast to keep you busy until Zach Braff (hopefully) blesses us with his own podcast-y goodness.