Wild Footage Has Emerged Of John Barilaro Tussling With A Reporter Outside A Bar In NSW’s Manly

john barilaro manly brawl

Buckle up besties because the day isn’t over just yet. We’ve still got some more fucked up news to throw at you, as always. Former NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro got into a bit of a tiff with a news reporter and I’m just glad it wasn’t me. We can leave the Italian on Italian violence for The Godfather.

According to the ABC, Barilaro engaged in a public brawl with a cameraman right outside a Manly bar on Saturday night.

NSW Police have confirmed they are looking into the incident.

Instagram page @creatures_of_manly managed to capture the footage and posted it on their Instagram story.

(Source: Instagram / @creatures_of_manly)

Barilaro spoke to Nine radio and said that while he was out enjoying a lovely night with da boys, a cameraman and reporter emerged and “harassed” him. I’m getting huge A Current Affair vibes.

“The way I was confronted outside in the dark, outside of a bar … a camera shoved in your face, a microphone in your face … [I] asked him just to walk away … if that was you, how would you have responded?” Barilaro said.

Not with alleged violence <3.

“All I did was push a camera out of my way, I did not manhandle an individual,” he continued

“I have every right to defend myself and protect myself and my friends.”

Barilaro then went on to talk about how during the police inquiry into his Manly escapades, he has been, in his opinion, treated like a “criminal.”

“The way I’m being treated, the way I’m being harassed, intrusion into my life doesn’t just affect me … [it] affects more people, family, friends,” he said.

“Call me to the inquiry because it’s you that’s causing this intrusion and harassment. Let’s do that before this gets even uglier.”

Before it gets even uglier? Spoken like a true Italian. I’m pretty sure those five words are the only English words my Nonno understands.

In case you missed it, Barilaro’s appointment to the plum role of US trade commissioner is being investigated.

Barilaro waltzed into a $500k-a-year job after resigning as the NSW Deputy Premier and the whole thing has been shrouded in mess.