Things are spicing up in the world of politics as the parliamentary inquiry into former NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro‘s appointment to the plum role of US trade commissioner is being investigated. His former Chief of Staff has come through with some brand new tea and hoo boy is it spicy.

In case you missed it, Barilaro waltzed into a $500k-a-year job after resigning as the NSW Deputy Premier and the whole thing has been shrouded in mess.

First there were claims that the job offer was revoked from Investment NSW chief executive Amy Brown after she was told the role was “a present for someone.”

Now, Barilaro’s former chief of staff Mark Connell has claimed that in a conversation between the two, Barilaro spoke about lining up the role for when he “gets the fuck out of this place.”

“He said, ‘I’ve just come from a meeting with Dom and Stuart regarding trade’,” Connell wrote in an official statement obtained by the ABC.

“‘And we’re going to bring back the Agent General in London as well as a bunch of other postings around the world’.

“‘This is it; this is the job for when I get the fuck out of this place’.”

According to Connell, he then informed Barilaro that by the time he leaves his job the role of Agent General would have already been filled.

“Mr Barilaro then said, ‘I don’t want to go to London, fuck that, I’m off to New York’.”

Connell then informed Barilaro that the office was in California and not New York.

“Mr Barilaro responded and stated, ‘I’ll get them to put one in New York, that’s where I’m off to’.”

Maximum spice over here my friends.

Domenic Perrottet has denied any such conversation about the role of trade commissioner ever took place.

John Barilaro has also denied the claims made by Mark Connell.

“I completely refute the statement by Mr Connell,” he said.

“The conversation he has recalled is fictitious, false and only serves as a reminder as to why we had to part ways.

“The continued drip feed of select information from the inquiry into the public domain goes against all procedural fairness.”

I’m sure there’s plenty more to come out of this ICAC inquiry. All we have to do is get out the popcorn.

Image: Getty Images