‘I Just Am Overwhelmed’: Jock Zonfrillo’s Wife Lauren Fried Has Shared A Heartbreaking Video

jock zonfrillo

Lauren Fried has shared a video to the Instagram page of her late husband, Jock Zonfrillo, a little over a month since his sudden passing at just 46 years of age.

“It’s been a month now since we lost Jock and I put a line in the sand thinking that at the one-month mark, I would turn some sort of a corner,” Lauren begun the video.

“Obviously that hasn’t happened.”

Lauren also acknowledged the support surrounding her and that she wished Jock knew how much he had impacted others.

“There’s no time that I could allocate to say thank you to everyone,” Lauren shared.

“I just am overwhelmed by the messages that came in from people all over the world who knew him or didn’t know him.

“I wish he knew how loved he was and he knew the impact that he had on so many people.”

She also said that she and Jock worked hard on his social media, and that she has been trying to decide whether to share the projects he had been working on.

“I just don’t know what’s appropriate or what you guys want to see on here,” she said.

Image: Instagram/ @zonfrillo

Projects include behind-the-scenes interviews and pics from MasterChef, books, a clothing range, a TV show filmed in Italy with their family and more.

Lauren said she would put up a yes or no poll for help to understand “what’s right” when it comes to sharing these projects via social media after his death.

Jock and Lauren share two children, Alfie (5) and Isla (2). The news of Jock’s death at the age of just 46 rocked Australia when it was announced last month.

As anyone who is grieving knows, setting yourself goal posts of feeling certain ways by the amount of time that has passed is a completely natural thing to do. With the initial weeks after a loved one’s death being such a whirlwind, the first-month milestone can be the first people are faced with.

What I’m saying is, Lauren’s video is heartbreaking and likely relatable for anyone else who is grieving. I’m wishing her continued support while she, along with Jock’s loved ones, navigates the loss now and in the future.

Image: @zonfrillo